It was Thanksgiving weekend in 2003 when a couple of friends and I were shopping around town for a coach bus to facilitate our next church function to Ansonia, CT. It was an arduous task to find a service comparable to our necessities and budget. Eventually we settled for one of the service providers which the members wasn’t very pleased with.

Having earned his Commercial Driver’s License in 1994, Mr. J. Cheremond (JC) has been involved in different contractual driving endeavors from driving limousines, certified driving instructor and school bus operator.

Mr. Cheremond has been inducted into the nationwide driving program, One Million Miles Incident/Accident Free program and has received recognition from several entities and many customers for his great service.

At JC Charters and Tours, great service is paramount for our success. We ensure your satisfaction every step of the way because our business is referral based. In addition, we have incorporated a win/win philosophy to support our client’s interest as well as our own. It is our intent to have you select JC Charters and Tours for your ground transportation services. We welcome your business and the opportunity to gain your trust! Thanks for visiting our website and remember at JC Charters and Tours, we serve/drive with respect and a smile.